The Smart Mirror gives Dubai’s fashionistas a taste of the future

E-commerce has changed fashion retail forever, but it’s not game-over yet for the storefront: retailers just need to figure out how to bring some fun, interactivity and convenience to the experience that customers have come to expect online.

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Dubai fashion retailer Max Fashion was looking for a way to engage customers and create memorable experiences for them in the Max Fashion Store of the Future at Ibn Battuta Mall, the largest themed mall in the world.

It’s a glitzy and glamorous mall, frequented by well-heeled and tech-savvy locals as well as the city’s many international tourists.

Max Fashion wanted a cutting-edge customer engagement experience, so it turned to Ombori — a leader in interactive displays for retail — to help create Max Fashion’s Store of the future.

“We are setting out to create new and exciting customer experiences that allow shoppers to interact with brands in ways that combine the power and convenience of technology with the immediacy of being in a physical store,” says Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf.


Wake on motion stopping power

Max Fashion now has an interactive display where shoppers enter the store. The display has an eye-catching ‘wake up’ feature that invites the customer to discover new products and specials before they explore the physical store. It’s got some smarts too, allowing customers to turn pages on the display with a flick of their smartphone, tapping into customers’ familiarity with gesture controls on smartphones.

Shoppers can use the display to connect to its e-commerce site at, where they can buy products immediately and have them shipped home later.

Max Fashion also installed an Ombori Magic Mirror, which has become a hit with customers because it lets them speak to the mirror to discover new products and special offers. Shoppers have a giggle when the mirror asks them if they want to take a selfie from the Magic Mirror’s camera, but they absolutely love being able to share the selfie with their friends.

The two installations are perfect for Dubai, a wealthy cosmopolitan city with a diverse and youthful population that speak Arabic and English. That meant Ombori needed to support both languages and effectively made Max Fashion’s Magic Mirror bilingual.

Now Max Fashion has cutting-edge displays that welcomes customers to the store and gives them something tangible to remember what it was like to be part of the retail experience of the future.


Marvel Avengers: Endgame
Marvel Avengers: Endgame

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