Seamlessly bridge the divide between physical and digital

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Björn Ström
May 3, 2020

The future of retail isn’t a choice between bricks and clicks. The future is a unified experience which allows for flexible customer journeys that cover both online and physical elements.

Some customers want to research online and then visit a store to make a purchase. Others want to treat the store as a showroom and then make an online purchase later. Most importantly, customers expect to be able to move smoothly between the online and physical parts of the process.

Retailers need to adopt technology that incorporates both online and in-store elements in ways that are easy for customers to use and easy for staff to operate and maintain.

The objective of the unified commerce approach is to integrate the digital and physical sides of your business. When a customer engages with you, at any stage of the sales process, it does not matter whether that is in person or online. Given that most customer journeys involve multiple touchpoints, you need to be able to track customers as they move between online and physical engagements.

  • Present a unified view of your brand
  • Create a smoother customer journey
  • Break down silos between online and in-store
  • Track customers and collect valuable customer data
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales

Our versatile suite of modular, customizable apps can transform the customer experience into a seamless, exciting process that combines the very best of physical and digital. They run on standard hardware and can be deployed rapidly

Integrated physical and digital customer experiences

  • Offer a more interesting customer journey and increase customer satisfaction by incorporating digital elements into the shopping process and engaging them via their mobile devices or interactive installations. 

Offer a wider range of purchase options

  • Make it easier for your customers to make purchases by seamlessly integrating physical and digital elements. An integrated shopping app, offering BOPIS and curbside options, allows them to shop whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them. In-store, the store assistant, Endless Aisle and self checkout make it quicker and easier to complete their purchase.

Access customer data from anywhere

  • Customer data is kept in a single repository, regardless of whether it is collected online or in-store. This enables staff to deal with a customer issue quickly and easily both in person and online. The customer does not have to worry about whether store staff can access records of online purchases, or vice versa. This also enables you to personalize the customer experience both online and in store based on their complete history.

Ensure promotional material is consistent

  • All Ombori Grid apps can pull content from a common source and be remotely updated. This ensures that promotions and product information will be consistent no matter where the customer encounters them: in an app, in a kiosk, or on digital signage. This creates a consistent, seamless customer experience and helps them to view your brand as a single entity.

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