Customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They expect first-class, personalized service, and they are happy to go elsewhere if they don’t get it. They want every visit to your premises to be quick and easy, and - if possible - enjoyable.

Making customers happy is the prime objective of every business. Increasing customer satisfaction is critical , because happy customers...

  • ... are more likely to come back
  • ... spend more
  • ... tell their friends about you
  • ... reduce the load on your customer service teams
  • ... reduce the stress on your staff

Our versatile suite of apps can be used to increase customer satisfaction in many ways. By combining them in ways that suit your business, you can transform the customer experience into a seamless, exciting process that combines the very best of physical and digital. Be imaginative and innovative, and see what you could achieve!

Inspire and inform 

  • The Ombori suite excels at making it easy to give your customers the information they need - even if they don’t know what they’re looking for. Interactive digital signage and guided selling tools, combined with customer remotes and staff remotes, provide easy, enjoyable ways to browse products and services, learn about offers, and examine options. Help them find things they didn’t know they wanted. 

Help visitors find what they want

  • Digital signage and Wayfinder help them find the items they want or the places they need to go. Instead of wandering around feeling lost and frustrated, they can do what they came to do quickly and easily. Using online ordering or endless aislemeans shoppers aren’t wasting time searching for items that aren’t in stock. Make every visit fast and efficient.

Cut down the wait

  • Queuing systems and self checkouts reduce the amount of time visitors spend standing in line waiting for service. Make it easy for them to book an appointment and tell them when it’s their turn instead of making them queue. Or offer virtual consultations as an alternative to a face to face visit. Show customers that you value their time. 

Go mobile

  • Customers love their mobiles. So don’t think of that as a challenge, think of it as an opportunity. Make it easy for them to engage with you any time, anywhere, at home, in the street, or on the premises. Put all the information they need right on their mobile so they always have it with them, whenever they need it. 

Offer more flexibility and personalization

  • Customers want to feel they have options and that they are in control. Give them the customer journey that’s right for them, and let them decide how they want to engage with you. Let them choose between a physical visit or doing everything online. Let them decide whether to pay at a checkout or a self checkout station, and let them pay with their mobile if they want. Give them the option of curbside pickup, BOPIS or delivery. 

Have some fun!

  • Give customers something to smile about by offering entertaining, innovative ways to do things. A selfie mirror creates memories they can share with their friends. An interactive Customer Remote in your window lets them play. Voice-activated kiosks let them browse or shop just by talking to the screen. 

Ombori can also create unique, customized solutions that will surprise and delight your customers. Take a look at a couple of the installations we’ve developed so far this year. 

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