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Digital experiences in physical spaces

Ombori Grid is a SaaS platform that enables businesses to digitally transform into smart stores, smart offices, smart hospitals, smart cities, and more.


Technology that transforms the customer experience need not be time-consuming or expensive. With the right solutions, the entire process can take just a few hours with no up-front cost, and rolled out rapidly across your entire enterprise.

Pre-built apps allow you to address common issues such as appointment booking, virtual queuing, order pickup, and omnichannel services, literally within hours.


Integrate a variety of hardware, including touch-screens and voice-activated kiosks, as well as IoT devices such as card readers or barcode scanners, and even the customer’s mobile phone or a store associate’s smartwatch.


Ombori Grid reaches every aspect of your business

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Ombori Grid apps can help with:

- Omnichannel commerce
- Queuing
- Appointment booking
- Payment & POS systems
- Digital signage
- Recycling & sustainability
- Sales & promotional tools
- Digital coupons
- People flow
- Wayfinding


Ombori Grid is designed for:

- Retail
- Municipal & public service
- Offices & banks
- Healthcare & veterinarian
- Restaurants
- Airports
- Hospitality & entertainment
- Sports & leisure
- Museums & galleries
- Education
- Transportation

Case studies

How Ombori is used around the world:

- H&M
- Target
- Radisson Blu
- Lindt
- Dufry
- Max Fashion
- Telenor
- Apotek Hjärtat

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